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The Symptoms of Back Pains

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If you ever experience a pain in your back, you should not take it lightly and forget about it. If it occurs more than once in a single day, you should go to visit a chiropractor as soon as possible, as these back pains might be signs of something more serious that could negatively affect your health if you don’t take action as soon as possible. To find a way to relieve the pain, you first need to identify the symptoms of back pains and learn how they are related.

The most common symptoms of back pains are:

– A dull aching pain in your lower back. This is not a burning or sharp pain. Instead, it is uaully dull and aches with moderate severity. However, this type of pain can often include random spasmodic muscle movements in your back or hips and pelvis.

– Pain that goes from your back down to your buttocks, legs and then feet. At times, the pain in your lower back comes in the form of a sharp and stinging pain or also as a numb feeling. Then this pain (or lack of feeling) starts to move down to your thighs and then into the lower parts of your legs and then the feet. This is known as sciatica and can be a very painful condition to live with.

– Getting back pains due to sitting in one place for too long. This is a common complaint in today’s world. When you are sitting down, you are putting pressure on the discs in your back and buttocks, which causes the pain in your lower back to increase the longer you remain seated. Getting up and walking around can provide temporary relief to the pain, but sitting back down will likely cause the pain to return.